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...made to order contemporary Iberian Design, handcrafted with natural wood from sustainable origins, for you, for your space.

Tuntum is a furniture brand that knows that objects can be an important part of our lives, and we keep that in mind when creating our products. Quality stands for natural, positive materials, like wood or wool, or for intelligent, simple, practical solutions.

We think globally.

We deliver everywhere. Our products are delivered everywhere and our final prices comprehend transportation to your door, safely packaged and protected.

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Custom choose your Scriba or Arruma fabric colours.

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Affraid of ordering furniture online?

You don't know our company or you aren't certain what the final price will be.

Well, first of all, get in touch, so that we can assure you everything will go smoothly. We will be very happy to answer your questions, or just to meet you!!!

And, regarding the final price, choose an item (or items) and the final price, with shipping, will be calculated in the cart area according to your location. You may or may not pay taxes, also according to your location.

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