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Iberian Design, handcrafted with natural wood from sustainable origins, for you, for your space.

Tuntum is a contemporary furniture brand with a philosophy that stands for emotions. Objects can be an important part of our lives, and we keep that in mind when creating our products. We know that carefull planning and creativity gives an object a soul.

For us, quality stands for natural, positive materials, like wood or wool, from wich is made the traditional Burel fabric that we use, or for inteligent, simple, practical solutions.

We think globally.

We deliver everywhere. Our products are delivered everywhere and our final prices comprehend transportation to your door, safely packaged and protected.


Helena has a shelf option, for those who prefer this solution instead of a drawer. Great for a working solution that demands open storage space with easy access.

They've been talking about us!

We think global!

We deliver everywhere. Really, everywhere!

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