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It's a sideboard. No, it's a speaker... 

No, it's both: a sideboard and a bluetooth speaker.

Just turn the on/off/volume knob, pair it with your smartphone and let it rock!

Made to order with natural oak wood, Ritmo is not your usual sideboard: in fact we didn't know how to name it, so Ritmo it was! Designed to provide the offer of a sound system without it's technical look and at the same time being a prized item in your home or office space.

It's easy to pair Ritmo with your bluetooth device, like a smartphone or a laptop. Plug it in to the power, press the knob to turn it on/off,  turn it for volume. The high quality sound that comes through the audio-grade cloth will make you thump your foot. Beware of the neighbours.
And the left side gives plenty of storage, with adjustable shelves. Just park it near a power plug.


Keep in mind that your Ritmo will be handmade (pratically custom made for you specifically), therefore the production may take up to 7 weeks, in order for you to receive your unique design piece in perfect state.
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