About us

Tuntum is a furniture brand that aims to create quality objects that people can relate to! 
Based in Porto, Portugal, we have access to a great and experienced craftsmanship available in the area, helping us give form to our creations.
From a designer point of view, we aim to produce unique objects, and we intend our products to be a welcoming part of a/your living space. We think that quality stands not for expensive, but for human materials, like wood or wool. And that design stands for quality in every aspect. That's why we carry a small collection: so that we can control every aspect of the made to order production. 
Also, we aim to be an internet-based global brand. Global means just that we deliver everywhere, not that we are a big company (quite the opposite, small and loving it). Transporting furniture items can be expensive, and we deliver our products semi-assembled, to keep the packages smaller than the assembled item.
We work hard for transparency. Because there could be doubts about the final prices or the process, we invite everyone to get in touch, being potential customers or not.